Our Worship


The Word says, “God inhabits the praises of His people.” (Psalm 22:3) With our worship, we invite God to inhabit our hearts and spirits. People who worship abide continually in God’s presence. So, how do you get to be a worshiper? You worship! As we hunger for more intimacy with God, His Spirit beckons us closer. God deposits within our hearts an insatiable desire for more of Him. We remove ourselves from center stage, and put God where He belongs. We focus on giving Him the honor He deserves.


Here at River of Life Church, our worship is a lifestyle, a choice, a discipline, and a holy habit. Our worship is personal. We are desperate for Him. A passion has been birthed in our very beings for an intimate relationship with our Father. There is neither a formula nor a right way. Worship begins with God’s Spirit calling us and giving us the grace to honor Him in our hearts. As a church, we know God is here with us. (Psalm 56:9) He is here for us. (Romans 8:31) When we still our hearts before Him, He will sing over us because worship is relationship. (Zeph. 3:17) This is a beautiful picture of our relationship with God, because He has set eternity in our hearts.


Because our worship touches the heart of God, lives are changed; people are filled with His presence, and God dwells in the House. We say, “Yes Lord, capture our hearts, fill us to overflowing, and consume us with Your Presence.”







Jonathan is our fearless worship leader. He has built his life upon godly character and freely shares the talents God has given him. He serves the Lord based on His will and walks daily exalting the Lord's praise! Jonathan teaches the art of godly worship and pursues excellence with the worship team. He opens up each praise and worship session sensitive to the move of the Spirit and submits to spiritual authority. His heart beats with the passion of a worshipper and worships only in Spirit and in truth.


Jonathan's faithful partner in all things, Bonnie, also has the heart of a true worshipper and is always ready to help and support, not only her husband, but the church and community in any way she can. They have one beautiful daughter, Alexa.


Dallas Wauson

Daniel Garza
Acoustic Guitar

Adam Felan
Electric Guitar

Jorge Contreras
Bass Guitar

Sarah Wauson
Lead Female Vocalist

Hannah Wauson

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